Zero Ground by Sushi Mafia

Zero Ground is a totally new sushi entertainment with the features of A. The Museum of Sushi, B. Molecular Sushi Gastronomy, C. Interactive Sushi Experience.

All contents are designed to all sushi lovers from all over the world with Michelin Star class ingredients, decades trained masters and specialized interpreters.


Tsukiji InsiderTour

Museum Of Sushi

-The Pairing of Sushi-
How much do you think you know about Sushi?
Your 2 hours in the ZeroGround start from understanding sushi with your head and sense of taste, just like “different aging duration”, “farmed or wild”, “different methods of treatment”, and “place of catch”.
In the Museum of Sushi, you will see how it gets different from those aspects and learn what make a sushi good sushi.


Molecular Sushi Gastronomy

Sushi is a traditional cuisine of Japanese, just sounds like a symbol of authoritarianism.
Said, looking down the history of sushi it turns out that it has been tremendously influenced by foreign cultures.
For, it originally started in South East Asia as a mountain ration and came up to Japan by 1000+ years ago. In our sushi gastronomy, let’s see what happens when the concept of sushi gets deconstructed.

MENU: Sushi of Earth, Sushi of Flame, Kinetic Sushi



Michelin Class Sushi Making

Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop

With our sushi master’s taught, try your hand to make your own sushi.
Doing and watching are totally different manners of learning.
Hands-on lesson of sushi making class will give you the sushi understandings of a whole different level.

With the ingredients of Michelin class restaurants.

Sushi Mafia KAISEN Seafood Party

KAISEN Party is an experimental trial of casual-but-super-good sushi experience in an underground restaurant style to all sushi lovers.


Supreme Casual


Interactive Sushi Experience with local people and all sushi lovers from the world.

– MENU –
Seasonal Sushi 季節のお寿司
Seasonal Sashimi Tasting 旬刺身のテイスティング
Supreme Tuna Dishes (Fusions) 極上鮪料理(ステーキ、ユッケ等)
Sushi Gastronomy (depending on procurement) 寿司ガストロノミー(調達次第)

Fish Broth Soup (Miso / Salt) あら汁

Sake Pairing Included