Make Good Sushi In The World Even Tastier

Sushi Mafia has been pursuing to deliver the values of good sushi with various methods and ways since their foundation in 2014.

With its vision of “Make Good Sushi In The World Even Tastier”, and the value of “Do Everything Sushi Restaurants Cannot Do”, Sushi Mafia has been committed to be a bridge between tradition and innovation, and has satisfied VIPs/Celebrities from all over the world.

The true value of sushi depends on the understandings with feelings on the eater side.

But in most cases you never have a chance to even learn it at fine sushi restaurants as it is considered to be something as a sophistication of eaters.

This is mainly because the chefs are professionals of making and pursuing, not telling and explaining.


Unless you know what is the season at a time, the availability, and even the mechanism working behind, your sushi is no more than just a meal to satisfy your appetite with a little bit of preference.

But there are not so many of English speaking people in Japan who has such deep knowledge and appreciation of the deep world of sushi, which essentially means, no one can tell it in the degree of practical assessment.


This is why Sushi Mafia has started. We are an organization of 1. globally open minded sushi chefs with skills of decades, 2. dedicated interpreters of sushi and the industry in English and 3. the wholesale fish trader with history from Tsukiji era.

Combining the 3 values in together, we made it possible to commit on the true value of sushi for everyone.

Through our services, you can make your sushi way more tasty understanding the affairs of sushi value with solid feelings.