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Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop

Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop

The best and most complete sushi making experience at Tsukiji Fish Market.
The ONLY English tour that offers a complete sushi experience, from fish procurement to sushi making with veterans of the Tsukiji Fish Market. This is aimed at those who want to know not only how to prepare sushi, but also how to plan, procure ingredients and present them in the most appealing manner.

VIP Tsukiji Insider Tuna Auction

For those with priority. No waiting time, entrance to the off-limit areas, supreme tuna tasting
VIP course of the world famous tuna auction. Hotel pick up, no waiting time, special entrance to some hidden off-limit areas of the market, inner market wholesale section tour, fresh tuna auction venue stroll, perfect tuna auction guide, supreme tuna tasting.

Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

Tuna Auction & Tsukiji InsiderTour

The only insider tour that guarantees your participation.
The ONLY insider tour that offers complete guide of the Tuna Auction at Tsukiji Fish Market. You would be led to the Tsukiji market right after the auction by our “insider guides” with real work experience with fish vendors in the Tsukiji Fish Market.
*The guarantee is valid only when participants come to our meeting up place in time.

Tsukiji InsiderTour

Tsukiji InsiderTour

The only insider tour at morning in Tsukiji Fish Market.
The ONLY insider tour offers you the essence of the Tsukiji market with our “insider guides” with real work experience with fish vendors in the Tsukiji Fish Market.
This tour shares the itinerary with the first half of our “Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop”

Sushi Insider Workshop

Tokyo Sushi Club

The supreme sushi in an interactive way
This tour is for those who are not interested in the market, for those who just are interested in the best sushi.
Our veteran masters teach you how to make sushi in hands-on, and you will have a full chance to get the deep understandings of sushi culture.
This course shares the itinerary with the later half of “Tsukiji Sushi InsiderWorkshop”.

Sapporo Sushi InsiderWorkshop

The authentic sushi in Hokkaido
Sapporo Sushi InsiderWorkshop offers the best sushi experience as food & activity in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Starts at Sapporo station, take a car to the fish market to get fresh seafood, with a trained master chef make Michelin quality sushi together, and eat it as lunch.

Tokyo Japanese Whisky InsiderTour

The Tour of Japanese Whisky
We bring you to some nice liquor shops that you can purchase good-but-not-well-known Japanese Whiskies, and 1 whisky bar of a Japanese master once has served to British Royal Family at the end. All samples & transportation included.

Japan Craft Beer Tour

The Japan Craft Beer Tour by InsiderWorkshops is the Japan’s first Craft Beer Tour, taken place in Tokyo, Yokohama and Kamakura.
We will visit 3 ~ 4 beer bars and restaurants to enjoy Japan’s Craft Beer and the local food. Samples of beer and light snacks are included.

Japanese Instrument Workshops

Japanese Music InsiderWorkshop

Where your soul rediscovers Japanese Music
Learn how to play Taiko (Japanese Drum) and Shamisen (Japanese 3 strings guitar) with the masters!